Diary of a Madman

This blog contains my Photography, my ramblings and general musings. To me Photography is a hobby, a way to inspire my creativity. I hope you enjoy the view from my world.

There’s a lot of effects that go into making a scene look like a bedroom in the middle of the night
… The fuck?!
Our short film Perspective will be screened at the Ickle Film Festival in Dundee this Saturday. Check that juicy   write up! #filmmaking #film #movie #drama
Latest designs for some flyer work I’ve been doing for @hellokittyhazel #photoshop #design
I swear she wrote these books with a smutty grin
Rocking it hard on Friday night…  #filmmaking #film #movie
Couple of flyers I’m working on for a friend’s business. Talented lass if you need some artistry at your club, wee yins party or event! Facebook.com/littlepumpkinsfacepainting #photoshop #art #design
Had a great night at Write Shoot Cut showing our short film Perspective and chatting about it. Really interesting experiencing an audience reaction to it. Can’t wait for Dundee next and the Ickle Film Festival!
Not sure I’m allowed to talk about this…
So Perspective had its first public screening tonight! Was pretty exciting stuff. Next stop is Dundee!