Diary of a Madman

This blog contains my Photography, my ramblings and general musings. To me Photography is a hobby, a way to inspire my creativity. I hope you enjoy the view from my world.

Oh the lovely things you find while editing…
Tails accurately portraying waiting times on editing…
Did some give my teabag box a moustache?!
"WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!!"  #got #gameofthrones
My in flight entertainment for next weekend
A couple of sexy new lights for filming and photography with @dragonstonepictures #filmmaking #photography
So freaking excited
Sometimes life imitates art #scenic #scotland #nofilter #sky
On screen we appear to fancy each other, but in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. Acting.
It’s been a fantastic day, thanks to @icklefilmfest for screening our film and putting on an ace festival!